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Sabina Stroke NOPW

How old were you when you had your stroke? 39

  • Date of your stroke?  03/05/2017
  • What general area do you live in? San Francisco, California
  • Type of Stroke?  Preeclampsia
  • What were your symptoms? What were you feeling during your stroke?  Feet were swollen, terrible headache
  • Were you administered TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) within the first 3-5 hours of your stroke? No
  • Where did you go for inpatient rehab? California Pacific medical center
  • Where did you go for outpatient rehab? CPMC (for PT)  St. Francus (for OT)
Any therapy tips you picked up during your time in therapy that might help others?

Lots of walking. Stationary bike. Stick and dowel, Estim, weight bearing, Saebo glove, shoulder pulley, Botox injectors, acupuncture, cBT

What are your biggest challenges/residual effects?

Left arm and hand still not functional. Can’t take care of my baby like I imagined I would be able to before this all happened.

What advice would you give someone recovering from a stroke now?

Set goals-start small then build up to bigger and more aggressive goals. Your mind will get you going if you want it bad enough. Stay positive, and still enjoy your life the way you are right now. People like Kobe Bryant, and Luke Perry would trade places with you if they could.

What keeps you going now? 

My husband, so, and cousins keep me motivated.my son deserves a healthy mom, so one day soon, God willing, he will have that. My husband deserves his partner back as well, so one day, God willing, he’ll have that if I keep working hard.

Post recovery, what is something you have learned that might encourage others? 

You’ve got to get your mind right. Sure there will be bumps along the way, but if you make a list of all the exercises you want to get done in a day ( and number of times) you willl make progress. Turn off the tv. Put the phone away, and focus on your to do list. Treat this like your job.

What is something quirky/fun about yourself? Any hobbies?

I used to be the girl at the gym all the time ( doing yoga, orange theory fitness, 3 dance classes in a row, Bodypump, and now I’m the girl that goes on long walks ( seizure meds permitted. I wasn’t tea Cher for 10 years. I’ve become friends with most of my therapists, and I’m good at remembering people’s names (even uber drivers.) I’ lived in Sydney for 2 years which was like heaven on earth.

What’s your favorite motivation song?

Bad boy for life- diddy

What’s your Instagram handle? You don’t have to share, but other young stroke survivors could follow you!


How did you find out about NOPW?

Internet search

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