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How old were you when you had your stroke? 28 & 33

  • Date of your stroke? 7/26/10 & 5/30/16
  • What general area do you live in?  South Whitley, IN
  • Type of Stroke? Ischemic both times
  • Any known reasons for your stroke? Moya Moya disease complicated by use of Yaz in 2010 and then by sepsis in 2016.
  • What were your symptoms? Right sided weakness, facial droop, & slurred speech
  • Were you administered TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) within the first 3-5 hours of your stroke? Yes
  • Where did you go for in-patient rehab? Rehab hospital in Fort Wayne
  • Where did you go for outpatient rehab? KCH

What are your biggest challenges/residual effects? Some days just getting out of bed is hard,  but I had to stay at it for my hubby and wonderful kiddos.

What keeps you going now?

Wonderful hubby Chad, amazing kiddos, Wyatt & Maggie, and all my family and friends.

What advice would you give someone recovering from a stroke now?

Control what you can, but don’t live in fear. Don’t let it stop you from living.

Control what you can, but don't live in fear. Don't let it stop you from living.

What is something you have learned that might encourage others? One day at a time… sometimes a minute at a time,  is all you can worry about. Don’t sweat the small stuff either

What is something quirky/fun about yourself?

I’m a nurse, almost 13 years, all in ICU and ER… so glad to be back to work as of this week 🙂

How did you hear about NOPW?

Friend’s wife had a stroke and shared her story on here.

What is your motivation song? 

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