Virtual High Five!




Hi everyone. What a weird time of life we’re in. With no NOPW events happening (or currently planned), we have had zero fundraising opportunities. As some of you know, NOPW is fueled by its events. That’s how we keep it going.
We also, don’t use the profits from our past events to buy new L.A. Gear sneakers and bedazzled jean jackets for Amy and I. We donate all of our profits to a non-profit that supports young stroke survivors and their recovery. We’ve helped American Stroke Foundation, Falling Forward Foundation, and Ability KC in our past events.
That being said, one of the biggest annual costs of NOPW is the website. It’s our HQ. Our one and only. Our true mac daddy.
Would you be willing to help support our website by purchasing a $5 virtual high five from us on our store (which is on our website you are helping us pay for)? This product oozes good karma for (maybe) future events.
In return, we will build a page that lists the names of our supporters (You). You can name your business, family, dog, favorite blanky, or someone you want to honor.
Please consider picking up a virtual high five from our store. And again, thank you for all the continued support.