Laure is our NOPW 2012 Survivor VIP. She is a friend of Amy’s from Rehab Institute of Chicago. She has rocked it in therapy and continues to grow stronger. Let’s just say Laure is a big deal. When your bio is on Bloomberg Businessweek website… you know she’s not to be messed with.

“On Monday, April 26, 2010 Laure collapsed at work with what appeared as a seizure.  She was taken to the ICU of Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong, where she was diagnosed to have had a stem-cell stroke and was struggling for her life.  An MRI scan showed that 80-90% of her brain stem, the part that controls life functions such as breathing, swallowing, speech and body movement, had been severely affected.  She was unconscious and on life-support for more than two days.  By a miracle she is now conscious and breathing on her own, however, she has Locked-in syndrome which means that she is aware, awake and we think fully cognitive, but cannot move or communicate due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in her body except for her eyes.  It is the result of a brain stem lesion which we think was caused by an improper neck massage. “The condition has been described as the closest thing to being buried alive”.  Please continue to pray for her peace and for complete healing.  She is the loving mother of two young sons (4-year old TonTon and 4-month old Caillou) and a loving wife to her husband, Kabir and we pray that she be able to hold them in her arms again.”

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  • Patrick maloney says:

    I have the extreme pleasure of helping Laure with her eyes
    She is the most inspiring person in my life! Through blinking , she exudes such strength
    I am humbled to call her my friend

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