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How old were you when you had your stroke? 28

  • Date of your stroke? 12/02/2008
  • What general area do you live in? Sacramento, CA
  • Type of Stroke? Accidental
  • Any known reasons for your stroke? During my second brain surgery for a tumor (epidermoid-very uncommon about 1.5% of all brain tumors) the surgeon accidentally cut a blood vessel.
  • Where did you go for in-patient rehab? Vallejo Kaiser Rehab Facility, California
  • Where did you go for out-patient rehab? South Sacramento Kaiser, California

W hat are your biggest challenges/residual effects?

I’m still struggling with left sided hemiparesis. I cannot run (unless I have to and it’s ugly). Hard for me to button my right sleeve on a dress shirt.

W hat was something that kept you going during your stay in the hospital that might encourage others?

Knowing that God lives. Support from my wife, family and friends. Help and encouragement from therapists (physical, occupational, speech)

You can make it through this. You are not alone.

W hat keeps you going now?

Being able to look back and remind myself of how far I have come. After the stroke I was on a feeding tube for two weeks, in a wheel chair for 4 months, etc… I get encouraged every time I do something new that I have not done before. I feed off friends and family when they tell me how inspirational I am in their lives.

What advice would you give someone recovering from a stroke now?

Never tell yourself your not going to be able to do something. The doctors will tell you that most of your recovery will be in the first two years, for me I see major improvements 5 years later.

What is something quirky/fun about yourself?

I am an avid bike rider.

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