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How old were you when you had your stroke? 31

  • Date of your stroke? 2/29/2016
  • What general area do you live in? Sweet Home, OR
  • Type of Stroke? Ischemic
  • Any known reasons for your stroke? Pregnancy related 8 weeks at time of stroke.
  • What were your symptoms? Balance issues having hard time driving on my side road.
  • Were you administered TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) within the first 3-5 hours of your stroke? No
  • Where did you go for in-patient rehab? Eugene, Oregon
  • Where did you go for outpatient rehab? Hospital in my area. Been at rehab for two months progressing slowly still walking with cane and AFO part of time. Arm function still not too functional to do daily tasks but able to work with weights to gain movement and muscle back into arm. I plan on doing a clinical study at OHSU next year which will focus mainly on arm function that’s been lost to regain it back. Wish me luck. 

What are your biggest challenges/residual effects? Due to pregnancy recovery has been up and down currently resting at home till our twins arrive September then will start rehab again. Left side weakness I can walk with leg brace and cane, arm has slight movement

What is something you have learned that might encourage others?

Everyday a struggle being pregnant with twins lots HORMONES running through my body, my husband encourages me and our faith in God to get us through this.

What keeps you going now?

My babies I’m not able to do much now but in a few months I’ll be hitting up rehab hard for our girls they need strong and healthy mom.

Never give up no matter what! Trust in yourself and God.

What is something quirky/fun about yourself?

I’m known as a air head kind girl ditzy. Lol

What is your Instagram handle so others can follow you?


How did you hear about NOPW?

On Instagram! 

What is your favorite motivational song?

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  • Miriam Hooley says:

    Krystal is strong and brave. Watching her work so hard at rehab, delivering beautiful twin girls, and knowing she and Gabe are trusting God to be there for them is absolutely inspiring to all of us who know them.

  • Tricia Rodriguez says:

    I remember that night, Feb 29th 2016 when I got the call that Krystal was taken to the hospital. I just knew something was wrong, she’s so healthy, she runs, she eats good, what could possibly be wrong??? I think her parents and brother felt the same way.. they didn’t seem to worried just thought maybe she didn’t feel good. Than the news came that she was being life flighted to a bigger hospital, my heart sunk and just couldn’t imagine what could possibly be so wrong. I remember seeing her for the first time and being in the room when the Dr told her she had, had a stroke. Than her husband looked and me and her brother and said oh by the way you guys are going to be an Aunt and uncle. I felt so much excitement and so much sadness at the same time. I remember thinking why would this happen to someone, newly married, happy, so excited to become parents. Days turned into weeks and the news came that TWO baby girls were in mommys tummy. We were all so excited….. Than weeks turned to months, I would see Krystal so happy than a few minutes later sadness would come across her face and tears would fall. I felt helpless, what do I say, what do I do??? September came and so did two HEALTHY baby girls, wow I prayed and I prayed for those girls to be healthy. We all couldn’t believe how fast they came home! Through all this Krystal has fought and worked and pushed herself to get better. I look at her sometimes in awwww of the strength she has to continue her journey to recovery. Her family of four has an amazing bond, so much love is shared in that home, their faith in god and the support give each other is exactly how a family should be. Krystal, I am so proud of you, we all are proud of you, each day, each therapy appointment, each time you workout in your home gym makes you that much stronger. Your dedication to yourself and your family is uplifting to all that surround you. Keep fighting, keep pushing forward, this is your year! Love ya siss

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