The Peerless

Raise Money. Change Lives.

Claim the “The Peerless Trophy” with the NOPW Club Challenge!  Each year winning “The Peerless” means that your club raised the most money to help young stroke survivors. “The Peerless Trophy” will be displayed all year long at Peerless Automotive​ in Olathe, KS.

Here’s how it works:
During the current year of the show your club will raise funds for NOPW. The club that raises the most funds, by 9/27, will be rewarded two things:
1) Their club name on “The Peerless Trophy” and announced at the Auto Show
2) A full garage building for the following Auto Show. *Or equivalent VIP parking if Auto Show location does not provide garage buildings.

In 2018 KCH2O won “The Peerless Trophy” for raising the most funds. The trophy and their name have been displayed at Peerless Automotive all year (from the NOPW18 Auto Show till the NOPW19 Auto Show). For this coming show (2019), KCH2O will fill a garage building as reward for their fundraising efforts in 2018.

The 2018 Club Winner


KCH2O raised over $2,000 for NOPW18. We are blown away by this clubs generosity and how many members came to the show. They almost filled up an entire garage!
Changing Lives!

The money raised will directly impact the lives of young stroke survivors and their recovery at Ability KC.

*This is a donation on behalf of the club you choose. This is not in replacement of your show car registration.