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Aimeeleigh CA 32

Aimeeleigh | 32 | CA

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Accept help. Accept your new frailty. Give yourself a flipping break. Stroke survival is not easy and recovering from a stroke can be a multi-layered nightmare. One thing at a time. Knowing your weakness makes you strong. Launch a 100% full attack on depression. It’s real, it’s strong, and it’s normal. Everything will fall back into place. Give time, time. Life may never be the same, and that’s ok. Pray hard. Laugh hard. Reach out to others. You are not alone.

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Kathy | 45 | OH

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How old were you when you had your stroke? 45 Date of your stroke? 3/01/2016 What general area do you live in? Dublin, OH Type of Stroke? Veinous Thrombosis Any known reasons for...
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