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Sabina Stroke NOPW

Sabina | 39 | CA

By | 30's, Female | No Comments

Set goals-start small then build up to bigger and more aggressive goals. Your mind will get you going if you want it bad enough. Stay positive, and still enjoy your life the way you are right now. People like Kobe Bryant, and Luke Perry would trade places with you if they could.

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Nicole | 33 | KS

By | 30's, Female | No Comments

I remember having my right hand on my head and my left arm tucked to my side because I didnt want to move it. It felt heavy. My husband kept asking questions and I wanted to respond but I couldnt. I felt the left side of my face slowly go numb. I knew something was wrong. It wasnt just a headache or migraine.

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Ashley | 32 | KS

By | 30's, Female | One Comment

I had two TIA’s before my major stroke. I fully recovered after both and was released from the hospital. I went home and went to bed because I did not feel good but attributed it to spending the night at the hospital, etc. It was that night that I had the stroke while at home in bed.

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Megan | 25 | TN

By | 20's, Female | One Comment

I had a really bad migraine. Once the paramedics arrived and assessed my condition, they then proceeded to the hospital with no siren and no lights sounded. It was their opinion that I overdosed on Tylenol.

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Alexa | 18 | KS

By | Teens, Female | No Comments

It was my first day of my job at a country club golf course. I was doing great and enjoying myself. The girl that was training me said it was time to call it a day after I just drove my first golf cart. We went into our bosses office. He just got done appraising me telling me what a good job I did. We were all standing. I had my Gatorade bottle in my hand and I had just finished a drink. The Gatorade was in my left hand.I tried to put the lid back on and the bottle slips out of my hand and it falls and It hits the ground splashing all over the place, I immediately try to pick it up and apologize as I was cleaning all day. I was told it was okay and I hear my boss say to my coworker for her to sit me down.

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