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Sabina Stroke NOPW

Sabina | 39 | CA

By | 30's, Female | No Comments

Set goals-start small then build up to bigger and more aggressive goals. Your mind will get you going if you want it bad enough. Stay positive, and still enjoy your life the way you are right now. People like Kobe Bryant, and Luke Perry would trade places with you if they could.

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Nicole | 33 | KS

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I remember having my right hand on my head and my left arm tucked to my side because I didnt want to move it. It felt heavy. My husband kept asking questions and I wanted to respond but I couldnt. I felt the left side of my face slowly go numb. I knew something was wrong. It wasnt just a headache or migraine.

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Ashley | 32 | KS

By | 30's, Female | One Comment

I had two TIA’s before my major stroke. I fully recovered after both and was released from the hospital. I went home and went to bed because I did not feel good but attributed it to spending the night at the hospital, etc. It was that night that I had the stroke while at home in bed.

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Alison | 31 | MO

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Nausea and vomiting. Numb tongue. Vision was blurred. It was discovered afterwards that I had three holes in my heart – which allowed the clot to pass through to my brain. The origin of the clot is still unknown.

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Lori | 31 | KS

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My fiancé and I were at home and as I was reading something to him I had an instant headache, stiff neck and was dizzy and nauseated. I tried to lay down but I couldn’t get comfortable.

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Aimeeleigh | 32 | CA

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Accept help. Accept your new frailty. Give yourself a flipping break. Stroke survival is not easy and recovering from a stroke can be a multi-layered nightmare. One thing at a time. Knowing your weakness makes you strong. Launch a 100% full attack on depression. It’s real, it’s strong, and it’s normal. Everything will fall back into place. Give time, time. Life may never be the same, and that’s ok. Pray hard. Laugh hard. Reach out to others. You are not alone.

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Bryan | 30 | CA

By | 30's, Male | One Comment

How old were you when you had your stroke? 30

  • Date of your stroke?  11/9/2015
  • What general area do you live in?  San Diego, CA
  • Type of Stroke? Carotid Artery Dissection
  • What were your symptoms? What were you feeling during your stroke? I had a small stroke and a much larger stroke the next day. Symptoms of the first one were inability to speak and inability to move my right side. I was in the hospital for the second stroke. I collapsed and was completely unresponsive.
  • Were you administered TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) within the first 3-5 hours of your stroke? Yes
  • Where did you go for in-patient rehab? I didn’t do in patient rehab.
  • Where did you go for outpatient rehab? Sharp Memorial Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation, San Diego, CA. I live in San Diego and my stroke team is from UCSD. I was in the Stroke Center when I had my big stroke. They were fantastic and there is no question that I would not be where I am now if not for their skill and expertise.

What keeps you motivated now?Football. Before my stroke, I was a semi pro football player. I lost a lot of strength after my stroke. I knew I wanted to play football again. I first started playing catch with a tennis ball with my dad. Then I started running around cones to try to get my coordination back. I added weights, running, swimming. A few weeks ago, my neurosurgeon took me off blood thinners and gave me his blessing to go back to football. I am the starting punter for the San Diego Thunder. Our first game is in 3 weeks. I’m pretty anxious about how I will do, but football had kept me going and it’s something I need to prove to myself.

What are your biggest challenges/residual effects?

Aphasia. My mom is writing this for me. Reading, writing and speaking are still difficult, but I am slowly getting better. My right hand is still numb and I have difficulty with fine motor skills, like clipping my nails. Everything is harder when I am tired.

What is something you have learned that might encourage others?

I have learned to enjoy life and never take it for granted.

I have learned to enjoy life and never take it for granted.


What is something quirky/fun about yourself?

I have a orange tabby named Frankie. She has been a big part of my recovery.

How did you hear about NOPW?

Instagram #youngstrokesurvivor (@nopw_)