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How old were you when you had your stroke? 15

  • Date of your stroke?  10/04/2018
  • What general area do you live in? Grain Valley, Missouri
  • Type of Stroke?  Transient ischemic attack
  • Any known reasons for your stroke? High Blood Pressure due to low potassium and magnesium! My BP Was 227/220
  • What were your symptoms? What were you feeling during your stroke?  When i first woke up for school that morning i told my mom that i did not fell well and my body was telling me something was wrong so then i forced my self to pull through the day at school i got home and i ate fried potatoes and smokes sausage and onions for dinner then all talking seemed like screaming and all light bothered me! so then we go to Walmart when i then begin limping and dragging my left leg and cant lift my left arm off of the ground and my left side facial is drooping and then we immediately got home and called 911 and was rushed to the local hospital Fairfield Medical Center and then i was rushed by EMS to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where i was admitted in overnight and sent home to do my recovery!
  • Were you administered TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) within the first 3-5 hours of your stroke? No
  • Where did you go for inpatient rehab? NA
  • Where did you go for outpatient rehab? NA
Any therapy tips you picked up during your time in therapy that might help others?

Never Give Up!

What are your biggest challenges/residual effects?

Only after effecting problem i have is my left leg likes to shake uncontrollably where i cant stop it so i have to pinch the nerve in my leg to stop it!

What keeps you going now? 

Not Giving up and all of my plans to save lives!

Post recovery, what is something you have learned that might encourage others? 

God is the only healer!

What’s your Instagram handle? You don’t have to share, but other young stroke survivors could follow you!


How did you find out about NOPW?

Google search

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