Is the Auto Show Canceled for 5/23/2020

Bummer news: NOPW 2020 – 10 Year Anniversary Auto Show & After Party is canceled for May. There’s a chance we could reschedule for later in the year, but we just need to see what happens. Our #1 priority is to keep people safe and healthy.

If you have already purchased your tickets to the May event and would like a refund, please email [email protected] If not, we’ll keep you on the list for the next event.

This sucks…but safety first.

Is this Rain or Shine?

We know how important it is to be mindful of the weather… and we are doing this to raise money for stroke survivors so we want a full house. If there are medium to heavy storms/rain rolling through we will make the rain out call by noon the day before. The Auto Show rain out date will be announced later via email & social media.

What are the classes / Will there be awards?

Yes! A top 10 award will be awarded at the end of the Auto Show.

I have a show car. Where do I park / Where do I enter?

We will have video directions that you can follow soon.

*Note: We are using the entire Fuel House campus for show car parking. Most of that is a hard packed gravel, but those who are able can park on grass. More info coming soon.

I signed up but can no longer go. Can I get my money back?

No refunds. Know that your money is going to help young stroke survivors.

Is it ok to bring alcoholic beverages to the event?

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed nor will they be sold. There is a bar inside The Fuel House.

Will there be food?

Coming soon.

Can I bring my pet?

You may bring your pet, but they will not be allowed inside The Fuel House. Please be respectful to all cars and keep a good distance.

Can I show up early?

Only if you want to help us get ready.

Can I drift/drag/burn out/rev?

Ask the Bonner Springs Police Department about this…

Can I park with my friend/club?

Best way to handle this is to come in together.

What is the Club Challenge?

The NOPW Club Challenge and “The Peerless” trophy! Each year winning “The Peerless” means that your club raised the most money to help young stroke survivors. Your club name will be placed on a plaque and attached to “The Peerless” as well as announced at the NOPW Auto Show​. It will be displayed all year long at Peerless Automotive​ in Olathe, KS.

Register your club and start raising funds below! If your club is already registered just select it and donate! Your donations will directly impact the lives of young stroke survivors and their recovery at Ability KC. Click HERE to change some lives!

I can't go but want to donate. Where do I do that?

Thank you for wanting to donate. Please go HERE to do that.

Can I show up and pay the entry fee from my show car the day of?


• Public viewing is free for the Auto Show (2-5 pm)
• $20 for one show car entry for the Auto Show (2-5pm)
• $20 per person for +21 After Party (7-10pm)
• $40 HeartPop Bundle – Includes one show car entry, and two tickets to the After Party. $20 savings.

Can I bring a tent?

Yes. It can be no larger than a 10×10 and you must bring something to weigh it down. There is no place to stake so bring cinderblocks or sandbags. Please be aware of your surroundings when setting up your tent. You are responsible for any damage your tent may cause if not properly secured. Please do not be a space hog.

Can I take photos / Fly my drone?

We are creative people. We love and appreciate all things film. Please take as many photos as you want and make a killer video! Remember to tag us on our facebook or instagram and use our hashtag #nopwautoshow.

Regarding drones, please contact us and let us know. We will be flying our drone to capture the event and it would be great to avoid an accident. *Drones permissions pending per Kansas Speedway.

Are there physical tickets/Do I need to bring proof that I pre-registered?

There are no physical tickets. You simply register online and we will put you on the list. When you pull up to the security box we will check your name off the list.

You may want to have your PayPal receipt handy, just incase there is an issue.

What's the After Party?

If you came to the POPUP then you know. This is a casual +21 party inside The Fuel House. The bar will be working and the jazz band will be jamming. Enjoy this time together to talk to other car enthusiast who care about helping others.

No kids, No pets.