We are National Orange Popsicle Week (NOPW) and we host the NOPW Auto Show. We raise awareness of stroke in young people. Our founder had a stroke at 24. When she could first speak again, all she wanted was an orange popsicle. We use something silly, to talk about something serious.


We put on the Auto Show because we love cars! We also love to help others and raise awareness of stroke in young people. At our shows you may find other non-profit booths. They are there because they directly impact young stroke survivors for the better! The NOPW18 Auto Show will be benefiting Ability KC. Funds raised will directly impact the lives of young stroke survivors and their recovery at Ability KC by purchasing new technology and/or equipment that is focused on stroke rehabilitation.

The Judge Registering At the NOPW Auto Show


The NOPW Auto Show is hosted at the KANSAS SPEEDWAY INFIELD. More detailed directions will be provided as we get closer to the event. Free for public viewing (suggested donation of $5…all donations go towards helping young stroke survivors and their recovery at Ability KC.) $10 for show car registration prior to the event. $20 for show cars day of event.


5PM – 9PM


– $10 per auto entry for show online / $20 day of event
– Free for public viewing (suggested donation of $5)

*This is not the same thing as the Club Challenge. You must register your ride if you want to show off your car. The Club Challenge is to win the naming rights of the Peerless Trophy.

**If you purchase a Ticket Package you do not need to register. Your Picket Package includes your registration. Number of registrations included differ on which package you choose.


Paddock Packages

If you would like to set up shop in the same area that the NASCAR’s tune and prepare for race day, you’ll want to get yourself a Paddock Package! Boogity Boogity Boogity!

We have provided you with three options to get into a paddock (garage). These options are available to businesses/vendors, clubs, our anyone who just wants to park their car in the space! If one of our packages does not fulfill your needs, please EMAIL US and we will work something out (Example: You are a club and want to rent an entire building out for your club).

*If you need your payment to be tax deductible, please EMAIL US before purchasing anything.

**Money raised via the Club Challenge can be used towards Picket Packages.



If you are a vendor/business/club and require different accommodations for your display or do not want to be in the paddocks, this is your option. We will have plenty of space available for your setup. Pricing starts at $100. Please click the button below and fill out the form.


Food Truck

If you would like to bring a food truck you must be registered with the state of Kansas, have your license, and agree to donating 10% of total sales. If interested please fill out the form below.


In-kind donation

Don’t have the cash? Donate a product/service/item for our raffle! Available with benefits equal to 50 percent of the value.



Have your degree in parking management? Are you specially trained in pointing people where they should go? Well then you should help us put on the the best charity auto show in the midwest! Special Crew shirt included! Click the button below!



What are the classes / Will there be awards?

Yes! There will be awards for the following:

  • Best in Show
  • Best Truck
  • Best Bike
  • Best Exotic
  • Best Sedan
  • Best Wagon
  • Best American Muscle
  • Best Euro
  • Best JDM
  • Best Motor
  • Best Wheels
  • Best Swap
  • Best Lights
  • Old School Cool (Hot Rod/Rat Rod)
  • Best Bagged
  • Best Budget Build
  • The Peerless Club Challenge Trophy Presentation

I have a show car. Where do I park?

You will be directed where to park. Please follow the directions of our volunteer parking coordinators. There will be visitor parking and show car parking.

I'm a spectator. Where do I park?

You will be directed where to park. Please follow the directions of our volunteer parking coordinators. There will be visitor parking and show car parking.

Is it ok to bring alcoholic beverages to the event?

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed nor will they be sold.

Will there be food?

There will be food trucks at the show!

Can I bring my pet?

The Kansas Speedway prefers that you not bring your pet. If your pet is a certified working animal, please contact us and let us know.

Can I show up early?

HeartPop package holders and OrangePop package holders will be allowed in the speedway at starting 3:00 PM. You can come as early as you want, but you will be staged outside the infield. We will open the gates to the public at 4:30 PM.

Can I drift/drag/burn out/rev?

Keep it civil. We are honored to be at the Speedway, so let’s honor it back. Save your revs till the end. We will do a tribute rev to all the young stroke survivors across the nation. No drifting/drag racing/burn outs allowed at the Speedway.

Is this Rain or Shine?

We know how important it is to be mindful of the weather… and we are doing this to raise money for stroke survivors so we want a full house. In case weather is not working for us, our back up date is September 30th, 5pm-9pm.

Can I park with my friend/club?

Best way to handle this is to come in together. If your club has organized a pre-show meet, please organize with your club admins.

If you are in a club, please make sure you check out our club challenge.

What is the Club Challenge?

Introducing the NOPW Club Challenge and “The Peerless” trophy! Each year winning “The Peerless” means that your club raised the most money to help young stroke survivors. Your club name will be placed on a plaque and attached to “The Peerless” as well as announced at the NOPW 18 Auto Show​. It will be displayed all year long at Peerless Automotive​ in Olathe, KS.

Register your club and start raising funds below! If your club is already registered just select it and donate! Your donations will directly impact the lives of young stroke survivors and their recovery at Ability KC. Click HERE to change some lives!

I signed up but can no longer go. Can I get my money back?

Consider it a donation to a good cause 🙂

I can't go but want to donate. Where do I do that?

Thank you for wanting to donate. Please go HERE to do that.

Can I bring a tent?

Yes. If you are outside (not in a paddock) it can not be larger than a 10×10 and you must bring something to weigh it down. There is no place to tie-down or stake so bring cinderblocks or sandbags.

What entrance do I use to enter the show?

Entrance will be on France Family Drive. Turn west at the Sporting stadium. More detailed information coming soon.


Is your car club looking to get involved in the community and help young stroke survivors? Register your club, raise the most money, and win your spot on “The Peerless”.


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