Why We Dye The Fountain

  • It helps us raise awareness of stroke in young people.
    • It’s bright.
    • It’s loud.
    • It’s the center piece of Kansas City.
  • It helps us help other organizations.
    • Part of what we do is invite other organizations to have booths at the fountain. That’s why we call it a party! 
  • It’s famous.
    • People from all over come to shop at the Country Club Plaza. The Plaza hosts 150 shops and dozens of fine restaurants year round. The bright orange famous J.C. Nichols fountain is hard to miss just east of all the great shops and restaurants. When people come see why it’s orange, we get to raise awareness of stroke in young people. 
  • It helps us build communities of young stroke survivors.
    • Many young stroke survivors in our community first met at the orange J.C. Fountain.

Get Involved

We encourage other hospitals/companies to join us at our Fountain Party! For a small donation, you can bring a booth out and help us raise awareness of stroke in young people. Your donation helps us pay for current and future events!

The 2017 Fountain Party is provide by:

Other support from: