July 22nd, 2017 | 10-4pm | Olathe Bass Pro


Classics to Customs

All makes and models welcome!


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July 22nd, 2017 | 10-4pm | Olathe Bass Pro


Purge Air or Burn Rubber

All makes and models welcome.



We are National Orange Popsicle Week (NOPW). We raise awareness of stroke in young people. Our founder had a stroke at 24. When she could first speak again, all she wanted was an orange popsicle. We use something silly, to talk about something serious.


We put on the auto show because we love cars! We also love to help others and raise awareness of stroke in young people. At our shows you may find other non-profit booths. They are there because they directly impact young stroke survivors for the better! Check them out and see what they are up to.


The NOPW Auto Show is hosted at Bass Pro Shops in Olathe, KS. Bass Pro offers NOPW a section of their huge parking lot to fill with the best looking cars from the Kansas City Metro every year. You will find multiple vendors there raffling off amazing items to help us change lives. All funds raised go to a selected non-profit that directly benefits young stroke survivors.


July 22nd, 2017. 10am-4pm. Entry per car is $10.00.

No Vendor Fees!

We are offering no entry fee to vendors who bring items/services to raffle off. That’s it! Vendors will be offered three parking lot spaces (show car spot and booth space). Are you willing to help us make this the most exciting auto show that will change lives for the better?

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2017 Vendors

All makes. All models.

All strokes are different. 

Drive. Ride.

Trailer. Push.

Doesn’t Matter.


NOPW16 Auto Show Photos

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