H ave you ever been hospitalized and get this enormous craving for something specific to eat? When Amy could first speak again after her stroke, all she wanted was an orange Popsicle! Once she reached rehab, her case worker said, “When you pass your swallow test we will get you a whole box of orange popsicles.” We use the orange popsicle as a silly way to talk about something serious. 

We consider a young stroke survivor to have had their stroke under the age of 45 because most statistics show that 45 is considered young for having a stroke. 20-to-64-year-olds make up 31 percent of all strokes.

Are you under 45 and a stroke survivor?


We raise awareness of stroke in young people. In May, we dye the most famous fountain in Kansas City orange. Later in the year, we host a large auto show that has 100’s of cars and people. It’s our hope that we can educate the public that strokes can happen, even to young people.


We have young stroke survivors who have shared their stories from coast to coast. We encourage survivors to meet together and discuss life with people who actually know what they’re going through. Our goal is to have a young stroke survivor from every state in America share their story with our community.


Every year we ask other organizations to participate in our events. We provide them with a “platform” to raise money for their cause or help us raise awareness of stroke in young people.

We also take donations to help support our cause and put on great events!


We believe in The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Gospel provides you eternal life and freedom to overcome struggles of this world through grace alone, through faith alone, and in Christ alone. The Gospel is all we have and we are always open to talk about it.



Founder / Stroke Survivor


Founder / Amy's Husband

We first started NOPW to celebrate a life after stroke. Many of our friends lived out of town so they would send us pictures eating orange popsicles. It was an easy way for them to show support and celebrate. Since then NOPW has grown to be a national community of young stroke survivors. We host two large events to raise awareness of stroke in young people every year in Kansas City. 

Are you a young stroke survivor?

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To build and support a community of young stroke survivors by raising awareness and providing support to those contributing to ongoing research, and the rehabilitation, of stroke in young people.


To reverse the assumption that stroke only affects the elderly and to build flourishing community of support groups of young stroke survivors.