The Fountain Party

Learn more about why we dye the most famous fountain in Kansas City orange.



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Helping Others

who help young stroke survivors.


Read young stroke survivor stories from coast-to-coast.


Raise Awareness

Our main focus is raising awareness of stroke in young people. In May, we dye the most famous fountain in Kansas City bright orange! Later in the year, we host a massive auto show to raise awareness that stroke can happen to anyone, even young people.

Build Communities

We have young stroke survivors who have shared their stories from coast to coast on our story page. We encourage survivors to meet together and discuss life with people who actually know what they’re going through. We consider you a young stroke survivor if you have had a stroke under 45.

Help Others

Every year we ask other organizations to participate in our events. We provide them with a platform to raise money for their cause and help us raise awareness of stroke in young people. 

Advance His Kingdom

We believe in The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Gospel provides you eternal life and freedom to overcome struggles of this world through grace alone, through faith alone, and in Christ alone. The Gospel is all we have and we are always open to talk about it. 

Own it. You had a stroke, nothing in the world will ever change that but you can OWN IT. Wear it on a shirt "Stroke Survivor!", tell people the signs and symptoms of a stroke, or go do something you've wanted to do for forever but never got a chance! Teach and preach what you went through because you are RAD. You have gone through one of the scariest things anyone could ever go through and look at you now; you may have a different gait or a different way of talking, but you are strong. Nothing can ever take that away from you. God has a purpose for you; you've just got to trust how he shows it to you.

LarissaGreat Falls, Montana

Launch a 100% full attack on depression. It's real, it's strong, and it's normal. Everything will fall back into place. Give time, time. Life may never be the same, and that's ok. Pray hard. Laugh hard. Reach out to others. You are not alone.

AimeeleighSan Diego, CA

I want to share my story and help others. The uniqueness of my stroke, the early diagnosis and prognosis of recovery, the rehabilitation process and the post stroke work, I want to share my experiences with others. And my 24 years living and working with my stroke, I have insights and wisdom through real life experiences that I want to share to help as many people as I can in their post stroke journey.

PaulOverland Park, KS

Never tell yourself you are not going to be able to do something. The doctors will tell you that most of your recovery will be in the first two years, for me I see major improvements 5 years later.

MattSacramento, CA

I like to tell people that the best way to recover from a stroke is to be patient and positive; it’s all about their attitude. I could have listened to what my neurologists told my family, but I chose to prove them wrong. Even though, I was angry and upset about the situation; if you don’t like the situation you are in, make a change, it won’t change on its own.

MollyPittsburgh, PA

I was so scared to be in the hospital alone due to having a total of three strokes and heart failure. When my family had to leave because visiting hours were over, it was extremely hard for me. My family and close friends definitely helped me through this difficult and confusing time, however, when my family could not be there I had absolutely amazing nurses that I will NEVER forget.

JustinLA, California

Never give up hope…know that God has a big plan for you even if you can not see it…more will be revealed if you keep doing the next right thing no matter how hard it may be.

IsabelaOuter Banks, South Carolina

You are Not alone

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